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A New Chapter

So much has changed over the last two weeks. I have been spending the last 6 weeks going to a doctor three hours away to take care of my migraines and blood pressure. The doc has basically said that I have no choice but to exercise and loose weight because of my blood pressure. So now I’m on the journey to a new me and health with my daddy’s help. Although I may not sit comfortably anytime soon. 

My boyfriend and I also broke up so my blog will be taking a little bit of a turn into a new direction. I am going to try to update it at least once a week. 

Bottoms Up in Dallas is having a Spanking party on Saturday night here in Dallas. If you are local and wanting to attend let me know.  


Fun Party

Before I go into how much fun the BU party was I wanted to give you a little back ground info on my past week. I have had a migraine since Saturday night so I am just now getting around to writing this.

Last weekend I was a little to bitchy to Daddy and we exchanged a few words. After talking about it I told him I felt like I was getting away with too much (as far as my attitude and a few other things) and daddy agreed he let a few things slide. So we talked about how it would get better. Meanwhile I was talking to Sean, who I hadn’t seen in two weeks because of both of us being sick, and asked him for an attitude adjustment too. So Monday night I went to see Sean and he wore my butt out. It was amazing how calm I was after that. I went to bed that night happy and calm, but exhausted.

Dad’s been talking to a girl named Amanda and on Wednesday I met her. She was real sweet and I really enjoyed her company. While she was over I was telling her all the things we could do to the tops at the party. She was gonna ride with us and it was her first BU party. Let me tell you, this 23-year-old has a lot of spunk in her, top it off when you get us two together we are a fire cracker. Dad is really happy we get along and Sean says he feels sorry for daddy when he has both of us together, LOL.

So Saturday night Sean and Amanda came over and we drove out with daddy to pick up Mary so we could all go to the BU party together. We get there and automatically decide we have to pull pranks on certain tops. So Amanda, Kelly (From spanked Princess blog) Mary, “S”,  and I all got together and started planning our pranks. We decided that we were gonna get Sean, my daddy, Tubaman,  “A”, and Fineous. S and A are married and dang he can spank hard, lol.

So we started with Tubaman and stuck ice down his shirt. It was pretty funny he wasn’t expecting it and spanked us all for it. Then we went on to “A”. Amanda decided she would get “A” and took a cold wash cloth and squeezed it down the back of his shirt.  By this time I think Sean thought we forgot about him. So we went on to my daddy.  Daddy got ice down his shirt also. After that we decided to get Fineous and it was just perfect timing. Fineous was standing in a room talking to another guy and we walked right up behind him and stuck ice down his shirt. It was great, and at least we got him to stay a bit longer since he had to catch up to us to pay us back.

Then last was Sean but a couple of them wanted to get Mr. OMK also. I was like okay by this time Sean will be expecting it so let me go cuddle up next to him and you all hang back for a second. When I got next to him he  expected it so I hurried and stuck ice down his shirt. Mean while the other girls go Mr OMK. I am sure he didn’t expect that and he sure got us. Wow, I didn’t know he could spank so hard.

The best part of the whole night was the after party at Denny’s. There were 20 of us at Denny’s and they put us in the back room. It was a good thing because we were extremely loud. Our waitress was the best though. Through out dinner the bottoms were tormenting the tops and kept getting dragged off to a corner and given a few whacks over the pants. Then at one point Patrice ( Our waitress) was talking about Tubaman needed a spanking. Then someone double dog dared her to go get a spatula and spank Tubaman. She walked away and came back with a huge spatula and closed the door and gave Tubaman a few whacks with it. I had never thought I would see that happen and watching him turn 5 different shades of red was priceless.  She made us promise to bring him back weekly for his spanking!!!!

A few of us stayed at my house after the party and were up till five am while daddy was asleep upstairs. I am sure paying for that now. I think the lack of sleep is what has caused this two-day migraine. GRRR. Off to drink some red wine to see if that helps.

I didn’t know I had it in me

So work has been crazy and I haven’t been around much. My day begins at 4 am and ends early. So my boss has been a major bitch since I have worked there often screaming and cussing at our employees. At one point she threw a phone and it broke because she was mad. My last two months of employment at this company has been horrible. Unfortunately the submissive/scared part of me wouldn’t let me stand up for myself and allowed it to happen too long. I let the stress get to me and let myself get sick over this job.

I do feel guilty because I let the stress of this job get into my personal relationships, including the dad and boyfriend. But this last week I did something I didn’t know I was capable of. I stood up to the boss and told her off in front of everyone, with the whole office on my side. She wanted to write everyone up because we were all there and the numbers sucked. I refused because i had busted my butt that day and so did everyone else.

Then Tuesday, after a long conversation with Sean and my daddy we decided that it was on my best interest to resign from this job. I did and was talked into not resigning. After being called Fucking stupid I turned back in my two week notice and was planning to fulfill it, until today when it happened again. I declined to stay there after today. I’m on cloud nine, I”m finally standing up for myself.

I’m sorry to everyone who had to watch me go through the past three months and also to anyone I have hurt or ignored during this time also.

Happy New Year

Welcome to a new year! This year is starting out way more different then last year and I am very glad.  I am enjoying my time with Sean and with Daddy. I’m very blessed to have two spankers that care about me in such different ways. I got to go home for Christmas and see the kiddos. It was awesome and there wasn’t drama, so that is a suprise.

So daddy and I  had some friends over for New Years Eve and it was lots of fun. The three of us ANGELS were picking on the guys and Sean started spanking me with a wooden fork and he broke it! Congrats hon you have officially broke your first implement on my heini. LOL.  He was sitting on the couch and I was over his knee and he was spanking me with the wooden fork. All of the sudden one of the prongs on the fork went flying. That is what Daddy gets for buying 50 cent implements from Walmart.

I’m Back!!!!

It’s been a crazy couple weeks. The Bottom’s Up group had a Christmas Spanking party on Dec 3rd, We have these parties yearly and this has been the first Christmas Party I have made since I have been part of the group. Of course, Daddy, Mary, and I were there. Then this time Sean and Bianca were able to come also. It was soo much fun. Mary and Bianca had tons of fun picking on Sean. I know he’s gotta love the picking and bratting, lol. He sure does take it well even though we get pay back for it. Mr. OMK and Mrs. OHK were there and brought some implements that they made for Sean to use on me. OUCHIES!!! (BTW he loves them). Sean ended up with a bath-brush that I bought in the gift exchange, and daddy ended up with another dammit paddle. After the party a huge group of us went to Denny’s (surprise! Surprise!). I don’t think we got home until 4:30am from eating. Since it was so late Sean, Bianca, and Mary stayed the night and we all had a slumber party down stairs. We were pretty tire so we didn’t give Sean too much hell. But the next morning we decided that we hadda play a prank on Sean. Bianca had a tube of lipstick in her purse and we decided that he needed a pretty picture on his face. (After all, we were just trying to be helpful) I went and snuggled up toward him and grabbed his hands while she made Sean Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer! It was cute and I had the whole thing recorded. Anyways, Mary, for once was innocent and had nothing to do with our prank.

That’s where the crapiness of this last two weeks started. I had started to feel bad on Sunday after the party and was being stubborn and trying to be fine. Got up Monday and felt worse but ended up working the whole next week sick and half of the days without a voice. I had to finally give up, after some convincing from a good friend and went to the doctor on Monday. So of course I ended up on antibiotics and other meds and was home all week. I am finally going back to work tomorrow, I don’t know if I am happy about it or not. Since I have been sick I haven’t seen Sean because I didn’t want to make him sick and have missed seeing him extremely bad. On a good note, he’s on his way over here as we speak. I’m soo excited.

The Look

Its amazing how “the look” can scare you into obeying any single order and it is just that one look that tells you that you have crossed the line and are in trouble.

Whether I’m in public or at the house when that look comes it gives me butterflies in my stomach.  That one look accompanied with the command “come here” is enough to change my mindset completely from the playful brat I am to a sorry woman before the spanking even starts.

I have a ton of experience with “the look” and you would think that after a while I would be “immune” to it. Nope, not at all.


I’m Screwed…lol!

I am a member of a spanking group here in Dallas and we have parties every other month. A group of us, close friends decided we didn’t wanna wait for two months to get together. We had a mini party on Saturday night. When I got off work Saturday afternoon, I headed out to Keller to pick up my friend Mary and then we went to meet up with my daddy and another friend to head to the get together. We had lots of great friends there. There were 13 people in all, including the guy I am dating, Sean. It was Sean’s first party and he wasn’t sure he would fit in but he loved my group of friends. Mary, one of my friends and I already had plans to give Sean hell all night. (Yes, I’ll admit it afterwords). Between Mary, Smartypanties, the other friend and I, we had Sean on his toes all night. Mr OMK gave Sean a paddle. We kept kidnapping the paddle because he was walking around with it in his hand and we’d walk by and grab it or tickle him to get it. Lets just say one or all of us paid for it every time. LOL.


Then after the party we all went to Denny’s, had a midnight meal and kept picking on the tops at dinner. After dinner daddy, Mary, the other friend and I went back to my apartment. It was fun because dad went to bed and the three girls stayed up harassing Sean and Black Velvet on fetlife. I crashed way before the other two since I had been awake since 5am. Sean texted me and said he had fun but that the three of us are a “deadly combination” so we made a fetlife fetish that said we are deadly combination. it was pretty funny and we really are a fun trio though.

A friend told me I am screwed if Sean punishes me because he has a really toppy side. But really it wasn’t until this weekend I saw a real toppy side. I’m sooo screwed, lol. Oh well, its worth it.


I promise I’ll start writing more. I’ve been in the process of changing job and getting settled into a new routine. I used to work evenings, and since I am a night owl, that was great. Well my new job is working 6am-2:30pm so I am having to figure out how to be a morning person. I’m actually not doing to bad besides feeling like I wanna crash for the evening around 7pm all the time.

1 Discipline Spanking and Still Mouthy

So, once again I am in trouble with my daddy and mentor. Dumb ass me decided it was okay to speed to work and not wear my seat-belt. Well, dad set me straight on that one. After my spanking he sent me to the corner and told me to put my hands on my head. I did, but kept moving and at one point kicked the wall, once again not soo smart. So dad kept walking up and smacking my heini. I actually told him he shouldn’t be “CDie”. Then in the car on the way to Walmart I told him that he had been CDnized. He just hadda laugh at me. I know, I just got disciplined and I still can’t keep my mouth closed. LOL.


On a great note, I’m finally getting out of the hellish job I have. I am starting a new job this week!!!!






My Funny Conversations Between Me and Daddy

This is a conversation Dad and I had one night when he was on his way home from work. I was sitting on the couch in my pjs watching tv and playing on my computer…

Dad: I’m on my way home from work. You hungry?

Me: sure

Dad: okay get dressed.

Me: does that include me getting off the couch?

Dad: yes and put pants on too.

Me: Why do I need pants? (seriously? Did I really ask that?)

Dad: Well, you could leave them off. It would make it more convenient for me if you got a smart mouth.

me: umm… No thanks I will wear my pants.

1/2 hr later in the car…..

Me: Well I’m not wearing pants. I’m wearing capris

Dad: You did that to spite me didn’t you?

Me: Yep (I was proud of it)

Wow my mouth, LoL


Another Funny conversations happened when Dad and I were on the way home from eating lunch. I was due a discipline session and wasn’t looking forward to it. Dad sees a man in middle of street corner holding a sign in a white suite. Mind you it was 100 degrees outside.

Dad: I wonder what that man is selling.

Me: I don’t know, maybe butts. 

Dad: Butts?

Me: Yep, Daddy can you buy me one? You can spank that one instead.

Dad: Nope, I’ll spank the butt that does you the most good. 

For a split second there I had thought about yelling out the window ‘hey dude will you sell me a butt”



Things I have Said to a Spanker

  1. Cause I wanna. (When asked why I did something)
  2. Make me (when told to do something)
  3. i’m done (Not the smartest thing to say when you are getting  a discipline spanking)
  4. it was an accident (when I did something bratty, or I shouldn’t have done)
  5. i’m not scared (When getting threated with some type of spanking)
  6. whateva!!!!
  7. are you back there?
  8. are you done yet?
  9. It was worth it. (whenever me and my co-conspirators have gotten into mischief)
  10. What the hell (whenever I get popped with something that I am not sure what it was)
  11. You can’t make me
  12. Ya! wanna bet
  13. that didn’t hurt
  14. you are a noodle arm
  15. When the whole impliment bag is out and I am getting spanked with an implement I don’t care for I say…. “next..” (like he is gonna stop and move onto the next implement)
  16. I’m not stupid…(When told to either do or not do something.)
  17. While getting spanked and playing with my cell I was asked if I was ready to put it down. I said no and kept playing on it. (was done within a minute)
  18. Wake me up when you are finished
  19. i’m bored
  20. can I get up now
  21. That’s what makes you a SOF (Short for Senile Old Fart) (an very affectionate term for my daddy by a couple of us angels)
  22. I wont do it so HA
  23. Hey!!! We don’t hit!! (Don’t say this to a spanker while they are hitting your butt, it just makes them spank you more)

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